Quality Oven Cleaning Service in London

Does your oven look so filthy that you keep hiding the oven window with a kitchen cloth? The time for a deep cleaning has most probably come. Hart`s Company Ltd. can provide such a professional oven service for you. The Company specialises in both residential and commercial cleaning, and can provide a professional oven cleaning at the best price in London.

Apart from the deep oven cleaning, the professional cleaners can also deep clean your other kitchen appliances, such as the fridge, freezer, dishwasher and all others, upon request. The professional cleaners are all very well trained, vetted and 100% insured. The solutions used for the job are perfectly safe and the oven can be used immediately after the cleaning.

  • Increase the life of it
  • Improve the taste and safety of the food
  • 24/7 customer care service
  • Same day cleaning available
  • Service available 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Call the customer support centre right now at 020 3746 4554, or send an online request, and you will get a free offer for the oven cleaning service you need in less than 2 hours. Customer care is there to help you and process your requests 24/7!

More Information About the Company

The Company offers its high-quality professional oven cleaning and deep commercial and domestic kitchen cleaning to the people, restaurants and other businesses in London. All cleaners are thoroughly vetted before being hired, and then they are trained extensively to clean all kinds of ovens and other kitchen appliances in accordance with all quality and safety standards.

The deep scrub of ovens, fridge and all other cleaning services provided are done with 100% safe and eco-friendly solutions. This allows the kitchen, and appliances to be perfectly safe and fully sanitised for cooking the food right after the cleaning is done.

How the Deep Oven Cleaning is Done

When the professional cleaners arrive at the customers’ kitchen, they first of all test the oven or other appliance which is about to be cleaned. If the appliance works, they proceed with the cleaning service. The oven is carefully disassembled and all removal parts are taken off of it, including: trays, pans, racks, panels, fans, light protector, control knobs and extractor filters.

All removable parts are soaked in special deluxe dip tanks which are filled with highly-efficient, professional detergent to remove all residual grease, grime and harmful burnt on carbon. The parts are left to soak for a while, and in the meantime, the oven cleaners use wired brushes and sponges, and safe cleaning solutions to clean the top, outside and inside of the disassembled oven. Then the parts are scrubbed from any remaining dirt and given a good cleaning and rinsing, and are then dried off and assembled back to the oven. Then is tested in front of the customer once again, and the service is done!

Types of Ovens and Appliances Cleaned by the Professional Cooker Cleaning Company

  • Oven, Single or double, Racks, Freestanding ovens
  • Stove cleaning, Gas grills clean, BBQ racks clean, Stoves
  • Hobs, Ceramic hobs, Gas hobs, Electric hob, Halogen hob, Cleaning ceramic hob, Induction hob
  • Aga cooker cleaning, Rayburn Range Cookers, Stanley Range Cookers, All kinds of cookware
  • Microwave clean, Electric cookers, Cookers, Ceramic Cooktops, Hotplates, Extractors, Warming drawers, Fridge and freezers, Gas cooktops
  • Range cookers of the following brands: Rayburn, Rangemaster, Smeg, Stanley, Aga Range, Alpha Range
  • Upon request: all kitchen appliances

Other professional cleaning services which can be combined with the deep oven cleaning

  • One off full kitchen cleaning (from top to bottom, appliances included)
  • Regular commercial and domestic kitchen cleaning (daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  • Grout and tile and deep splashback cleaning
  • Ductwork cleaning

So, don’t keep delaying the need for a deep oven cleaning, and book your professional cleaning service right away quickly and easily!

Booking the Professional Oven Cleaning Service

To book the professional service offered by Hart`s Company Ltd. you just have to contact the customer care service at 020 3746 4554 or online via the booking request form. Your request will be processed as soon as possible and a written confirmation will be sent to you by the 24/7 customer care service operators. You can request an emergency, same day booking, or can choose to book your oven cleaning service for any day of the week, even on official holidays. The fees are fixed and you pay after the cleaning is done and the oven is tested. No deposit is required, different payment methods are accepted, for your convenience.

List of areas we cover

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