Pest Control London

Do you have a problem with pests? There is a quick and easy solution to your problem. Just call the professional pest control company Hart`a Company Ltd. It offers a high-quality, safe and very efficient pest control service in London. All of the technicians are trained and certified for the proper and safe use of insecticides, pesticides, baits and traps. The company can resolve your problem with many kinds of flying or crawling insects as well as with rodents.

The Company offers same day emergency services and can provide both residential and commercial pest control services to all people and businesses which need help with a problem or help them prevent a pest problem. The service comes with a three month guaranteed and comes at a very competitive price.

  • 24/7 customer cares service available
  • Emergency booking is available
  • Vetted, experienced, certified and insured technicians
  • No deposit
  • Fixed fee, no hidden taxes

Call the 24/7 customer care service at 020 3746 4554 or send an online request, and you will receive a free quote for the service you have requested within 2 hours. Same day booking is possible in case of emergencies!

About the Professional Pest Control Company

Hart Company Ltd. has been offering its expert, safe and professional pest management services to the people and businesses in London for more than 10 years. The safety and satisfaction of the customers are of the utmost importance for Hart Company Ltd., so all of the technicians are very thoroughly vetted, trained, and all of them are certified by the appropriate pest control agency for the proper and safe use of poisons and baits. All insecticides and pesticides and poisons used are provided by an approved UK supplier. All technicians are very experienced and know how to deal with even the most critical infestation. Depending on the type of pest, different poisons or baits will be used, but always safely for the people and pets in the house or office.

How the Residential and Commercial Pest Control Service Works

After you book your service, a certified pest technician will arrive at your property and will perform a thorough and expert inspection of the property, to determine the infestation level, the possible sources and entrance points for the pests, as well as other factors which determine the type of pest control treatment which needs to be provided. The pest technician will instruct the customer about the safety measures which need to be taken before the actual treatment takes place.

The certified technician will ensure the safety measures have been taken and will proceed with the treatment with the appropriate insecticides, pesticides, baits and traps. The technician will also close up and block any entrance points for the pests. The guaranteed service comes with a 3-month guarantee, in which the customer gets 2 follow-up visits for inspection and follow up treatment for free.

Types of Pest Control and Rodent Control Offered

Crawling insects:

  • Ant Control, Bed Bugs Treatment, Cockroach Control, Flea Control, Silverfish Control, Spider Control, Woodworm Treatment, Dust Mites Control

Flying Insects:

  • Wasps Control, Bee Control, Fly Control, Moth Control, Carpet Beetles Control


  • Mice Control, Rat Control, Squirrel Control


  • Bird (Pigeon) Control, Fumigation

Fumigation Offered by the Company

Hart`a Company Ltd. offers efficient fumigation of homes, flats, offices and entire buildings for prevention and control of insects such as flies, moths or other insects. The process includes spraying the entire premises. To do this, though, customers are required to:

  • Remove all pets (including fish) from the property before the fumigation
  • Thoroughly vacuum all areas which will be sprayed
  • Make sure that no one is present on the same floor during the fumigation
  • Wait for 2 hours before returning to the fumigated premises
  • Upon return, immediately open all windows and doors and keep them open for 5-10 minutes
  • Do not vacuum the fumigated areas for at least 4 days following the procedure

So, take immediate actions against those annoying pests and book the professional pest control services of Hart`a Company Ltd. now!

Booking the Professional Pest Control Services

The customer care service is available 24/7 so you can book your pest control service in the middle of the night if you need to. Call 020 3746 4554 or fill out the pretty simple booking request form, and your request will be processed ASAP. You will receive a written confirmation as a text message and by e-mail. Same day emergency booking is possible, and so is booking for every other day of the year. The fees are fixed, so you won’t have to pay any hidden fees. No deposit is required either. Book the guaranteed pest control service now, and you get a 3-month guarantee and 2 free follow-up visits by the professional pest technician!